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  • Safespan is More than 15 yeas old Factory in Lifting Sling and Outdoor Sports manufactory and training company . you can find more information on Sport in our sports website or href="http://www.chych.cn" rel="nofollow"

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    Manufacturing and Training

    Thank you for to visiting our website We welcome you to give ou more advice about our products and website the by submitting email or reports through safespan@gmail.com, and/or submit copperation intend to SAFESPAN for consideration.

    Safespan Website

    We also focusing on Sling training Classing and Sports Training Course If you instrested in our class or cooperation with our in mentiend items please contact with ourSAFESPAN TRAINING AND DEVELOPING project on Departmwent.


    Once again, thank you for participating. We hope you enjoy can find what you needs in our website

    Trustful and Skillful Supplier.

    Safespan have long history in Safety and Fall Arrest


    all products are manufactory and test according EN Standards. or United Standards


    Most parts and accessoires are finished on our factory.


    Small order and OEM are avliable